Adarapura - Location

Where can you go to enjoy a truly distinctive resort in Bandung experience that you just cannot simply find in any

other Bandung resorts in the city? Drive away and come to Jl. Terusan Sersan Bajuri no. 45 Lembang to find adarapura

Village Villa and see the answer you have always been looking for here!







Adarapura Villa is located right at the heart of

Lembang, giving you easy and convenient access

to many of Lembang's tourist attractions.


Adarapura Villa is truly the kind of resort in

Bandung experience where you can find a seamless

combination of great services with great facilities,

scenic surroundings, and exquisite heritage atmosphere

that you just cannot find in any other Bandung resort

 in the city.


It is a great experience that is only 30 minutes away

 from Bandung's city center!




Jadul Adarapura Resort & Spa

Terusan Sersan Bajuri 45 Cihideung Bandung

Hot Line no: 082117779000

P. 022-2785-544 / 655 F. 022 2785656