Sustainability Management

Jadul Adarapura Resort & Spa has been incorporating sustainable tourism principles and practices into its operation.

We continuously strive to refine our level of understanding of sustainability and periodically take time to review

our sustainable practices in order to expand these practices and implement improvements wherever possible.

We aim to move towards sustainability where all concerns need to be integrated into a business strategy that leads the resort to be mor resilient, pro-active to future challenges and opportunities. Our Sustainable Management Plan ensures long term profitability for the hotel, which will benefit its owners, its employees and its neigbors. \

Our Sustainability Management Plan encompasses 4 key area
ENVIRONMENTAL : To be actively involved in conserving resources, reducing pollution, conserving biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes.

SOCIO-CULTURAL : To be involved in corporate social responsibility actions, community development, local employment, fair trade, support local entrepreneurs, respect local communities, implement a policy against commercial exploitation, equitable hiring, employee protection and last but not least, that our business do not jeopardize the provision of basic services, such as water, energy, or sanitation to neighboring communities.

QUALITY  : Any activity that can sustain itself economically through creating competitive advantages within the industry through with inspired service that not only meets, but exceeds guest expectations; it continues to contribute to the economic well-being of the surrounding community through local ownership, employment, buying local products, etc. A sustainable business should benefit its owners, its employees and its neighborhood.


HEALTH & SAFETY: The resort complies with all established health and safety regulations, and ensures that

both guest and staff protection instruments are in place.

We are very aware that sustainability is an ongoing journey, therefore the Sustainability Management Plan, Environmental Policy and Purchasing Policy will be reviewed annually.





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