The Adarapura Spa - Special Offers

The refreshing blend of treatments of Adarapura Spa is based on aromatherapy, the

therapeutic sense of touch and fusion of techniques from both East and West in order to

refresh and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.


Each spa is designed to fit into the beautiful surroundings by using indigenous materials that showcase the local culture and heritage, as well as reflecting the unique architectural style.


Featuring the tropical garden with lotus flowers that truly awaken the senses, guests will be more receptive to the wonderful sense of healing touches.



Spa & Massage Services

Footh Bath, Romantic Massage, Rempah Scrub,

Flowers Bath, Relax Time

Footh Bath, Romantic Massage, Lulur Keraton, F

lowers Bath, Relax Time







Jadul Adarapura Resort & Spa

Terusan Sersan Bajuri 45 Cihideung Bandung

Hot Line no: 082117779000

P. 022-2785-544 / 655 F. 022 2785656